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Moroccan Exfoliating Gloves...

Tired of That Rough And Dry Skin?

  • No More Dry Or Bumpy Skin – Exfoliating Glove, a palm-sized rubber glove that attaches to your hand with Velcro straps, buffs away dry and rough skin to reveal soft and smooth skin after showering. Gently exfoliate while retaining moisture on the surface of your body.

  • Spa-Like Experience At Home – Enjoy a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. This exfoliating glove will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after each bath.

  • Premium Quality – This body exfoliator glove is made from soft viscose fibers that gently remove the dead skin cells built up over months. It's suitable for men & women and all skin types.
  • Visibly Removes Dead Skin: Our Body Scrub Exfoliating Gloves provide deep exfoliation to visibly remove dead skin. The skin of your body, arms and legs will be more radiant and healthier than ever. Enjoy the benefits of a FZJBOR exfoliating spa treatment at home.

  • How to use: After applying and rinsing soap/shower gel, use on wet skin. Designed for precise friction action. NOTE: Skin should be soap free when using gloves. The dead skin buildup will slough off immediately after following the directions in a steam shower or warm bath.

  • Fresh and Natural Skin: Our exfoliating gloves remove dead skin buildup and impurities to reveal your fresh and natural skin. When you use our exfoliating gloves once a week, your skin will feel softer and smoother. The skin of your body, arms and legs will be more radiant and smoother than ever. The ideal pre-tan routine to prepare the skin for a long-lasting golden tan.

  • More Effective: The 100% viscose construction of this microdermabrasion glove is stronger than loofah and chemical exfoliants, which means they are good at removing dead skin. Our gloves are rough enough to deeply exfoliate, yet soft enough to polish and smooth.

  • Restore Healthy Soft Skin: This exfoliating glove is made of 100% natural viscose fiber, suitable for all skin types of men and women. Use FZJBOR Body Scrub Bath Gloves to combat itchy, bumpy, dry skin caused by keratosis pilaris. It is made of soft viscose that allows you to apply a comfortable level of pressure.



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